Khao Sok National Park

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Khao Sok National Park is a tropical forest reservation that can be found in Southern Thailand. It is considered as one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand. The park has a total area of 738 which covers the parts of Khlong Pra Sang and Khlong Yee forests, and portions of Khao Pung and Krai Son sub-districts in Ban Ta Khun District. The park also covers a portion of Panom and Khlong Sok sub-districts in Surat Thani province. Below are some of the things to do in Khao Sok National Park that can make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Jungle Trekking Trails
The park is one of the oldest living rainforests in the world. The place is rich in pristine hiking trails with great caves, stunning scenery, flora and fauna, and rivers waiting to be explored. Khao Sok Thailand will not disappoint tourists who are looking for an adventure.

Cheow Lan Lake
Rajjaprabha Dam Reservoir, also known as Cheow Lan Lake, is 165 sq. km. of breathtaking beauty. The lake is the haven for endangered Clouded Leopards, Wild Elephants and Monkeys of varied species . The waters of the lake that resembles emerald green stones reflect the presence of the limestone karsts that have been in this region for many centuries.

Floating Raft Houses
Your stay in Khao Sok is not complete if you do not experience a night on a floating raft house on Cheow Lan Lake. This type of accommodation will enable you to experience an overnight stay on the waters of the lake. This is one of the most memorable experiences that you’ll ever have.
Flora and Fauna.

The park is an ancient rain forest that is full of unique flora and fauna like the giant Rafflesia flower. The flower blooms only once a year, and grows up to 80cm in diameter. In addition, the park is the home of wild deer, Asiatic Black Bear, Malaysia Sun Bear, and Tapir and Macaques.

Jungle Canopy Tree House
One of the most amazing experiences that you can have in Khao Sok is spending a night or two on one of the jungle tree houses. Rest assured that spending a night in a jungle canopy tree house will make you understand that the place is truly magical.

Adventure Galore
People looking for adventure will not be disappointed in Khao Sok. You can choose day or overnight tours and go elephant trekking, canoeing, and explore the caves in the jungle. Along the magnificent jungle trails that you can explore are the many waterfalls. Wing Hin Waterfall, Wang Yao Pool, Bang Hua Rat Waterfall, Bang Leab Nam Waterfall, and Tang Nam Gorge as well as Than Sawan Waterfall, Ton Kloi Waterfall, Sip-Ed-Chun Waterfall, and San Yang Roi waterfall are all within reach, Whatever your interests are, Khao Sok National Park has something to offer to you.

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