Khao Lak Weather – The Monsoon Season from April till November

Khao Lak Beach in Thailand

Written by Modell Bleu

Content Creator at Author of Roadkill Diary. Chef/Owner of the World Famous Rusty Pelican. Expat in SE Asia since 2004, currently living in Thailand.

Khao Lak is all about communing with nature. The villages that make up Khao Lak are nestled along the Andaman coast on the fringe of Khao Lak/ Lamru National Park. The area popularly known as Khao Lak, in reality is the villages of La On, Nang Thong, Bang Niang and Khuekhak. The villages are linked together by Highway 4. Khao Lak is a very small quiet place to live. Other than the highway there are few roads and only two traffic lights.

During the Monsoon Season everything in the forest comes to life. Thailand’s famous orchids, it is said that in Thailand there are more than one thousand different orchids, and tropical fruits bloom and ripen. The monsoon rains fill our rivers and streams and our waterfalls are in full flux. Chong Fah, Pak Weep, Sai Riang and Tong Pring waterfalls are all within twenty minutes of each other. Some require a short hike while others are easily accessible.

There are two elephant camps nearby and while I don’t personally don’t like to see them used for trekking, it is cool to take the elephants to the river to bathe. Both camps offer this to customers seeking an alternative to teetering around in a metal basket. You’re actually in the river with them scrubbing them down so you get more interaction with the gentle beasts. It is truly an amazing experience.

Water in the rivers means river rafting and kayaking in the mangroves. I’m not talking Class 5 white water but when we get a big storm there is more than enough action on the rivers to get your adrenaline pumping. A trip into the mangroves is also a fantastic way to spend the day.

It doesn’t rain every day and the temperature drops to a comfortable level. Businesses are still open and resorts have very affordable prices. Don’t let the Monsoon Season put you off booking a holiday to Thailand. Everyone, including the locals, are more relaxed and a great time awaits you.

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