Khao Lak Nightlife – 3 Venues to Visit in Bang Niang

Since 2005 Khao Lak nightlife has slowly developed to meet the needs of the ever growing tourism industry in the Khao Lak area. As more and more resorts and guest houses were built, more and more restaurants and bars appeared in the spectrum of Khao Lak nightlife. We also have to understand that the Khao Lak area as a holiday destination is more geared towards families, elderly couples and others who are more interested in having either a relaxed stress free and/or an active holiday close to the amazing nature we have here in Khao Lak. Nightlife in Khao Lak does seem a bit limited if you are a party animal, let’s just assume that you are interested in going out for an evening or two, for a couple of drinks and meeting other tourists who are also out in the Khao Lak nightlife for the same reasons as you. Here I will mention 3 places that are 100% owned by Thais, and they are great places to go for families and couples alike.

Mr. Chay Bar Khao Lak

Mr. Chay has for a long time been an iconic figure in the Khao Lak bar scene and nightlife. Mr. Chay Bar used to be located right in the middle of Bang Niang Market also known as Khao Lak Night Market, but now they have relocated to the western end of the entrance to the market. If you are staying at Ramada, La Vela, La Flora or any of the other resorts in Bang Niang Mr. Chay Bar will be one of the first things you spot when walking to Bang Niang Market. Right across from In’s Mojito and Gallery where you can have 60 Baht Mojitos. Mr. Chay Bar opens in the afternoon and closes at some time into the night. A great place to enjoy Khao Lak nightlife on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. On market days there is live music at Mr. Chay Bar, and most people go there to hang out with other people for a chat, a few laughs, being present and having a great time with each other, outside the world of social media.

Starbar Khaolak by Jacky

Starbar Khaolak by Jacky

Located on the main road in the center of Ban Niang, across the road from the entrance to Boat 813, is where you will find Starbar Khaolak. Hepp Hepp Riders, local and foreign motorbike enthusiasts meet here to grab a bite, have a cold beer/drink, and to be together with likeminded people. Always a pleasure to have a chat with Jacky who has also been present in the Khao Lak nightlife scene for many years. So if you are into big motorbikes and want to chat with bikers of all nationalities this is the place to go. Bikers, singles, couples, families, even though you might see leather vests and beards, just know that everyone is welcome at Starbar Khaolak by Jacky. A great place to experience Khao Lak nightlife.

Violet Bar in Bang Niang

Meet Ying, the owner of Violet Bar, a place for the open minded with a good heart for a laugh and a chat. Violet Bar is mostly, but not only, visited by people who want to chat with the ladies, and maybe spend a little on buying them drinks. It is never boring at Violet Bar where there is a pool table, a jukebox, and 5-6 girls who are always up for a chat. A great opportunity to get close to Thai culture, open mindedness, and an understanding of “The Land of Smiles”. Khao Lak nightlife is gifted with a place like Violet Bar where everyone is welcome to a game of pool and a chat. Located on Bang Niang Beach Rd, Soi Bang Niang, close to the main road it is easy to find.

These three places are all located within walking distance in the center of Bang Niang. So if you are looking for places where you can enjoy Khao Lak nightlife, you will surely have fun at these venues. They are all child friendly places where you are welcome to bring your kids.

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