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Muay Thai Origin – Champions & Techniques

Muay Thai, also known as the "Art of Eight Limbs," has deep roots in Thai history and culture, making it a distinctive martial art with a rich heritage. Originating in Thailand, Muay Thai's history dates back centuries, evolving from ancient battlefield techniques...

Pilgrimage Project Dharma Propagation in Honor of the King

Today Monks from all over Thailand walked by our office. They are on a pilgrimage. They started at the Dong Yang Meditation Center in Si Sa Ket, in the northeast of Thailand and traveled by bus to Phuket. The 659 monks started on the pilgrimage on the 22nd of November...

History of Surfing

Surfing in Khao LakThere are beautiful beaches in Thailand. Surf spots are easy to find. The most logical place to start is to go where everyone else is going. There are some popular places to surf that are advertised in local and national travel guides. The breaks in...

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