Bussaba Massage, Bang Niang, Khao Lak

Want to luxuriate in a Khao Lak massage that will leave you feeling completely relaxed and refreshed, ready to enjoy other things to do in Khao Lak? A place where you can go with your partner and share the experience of having those tight muscles pressed into peaceful submission? If you are looking for what to do in Khao Lak, then look no further than Bussaba Massage, located a few minutes away from the Khao Lak center, in Bang Niang.

Bussaba Massage, Khao Lak, has professionally qualified masseuses that have invested years in providing customers with the finest massage experience. You can go with a traditional Thai massage that systematically massages, manipulates and stretches the whole-body, working from the feet to the head. You won’t come out the amazing elastic man, but you will definitely feel different about the world you inhabit! Or you may want to equally indulge yourself with an oil massage, which is also full-body, and includes exquisite head and hand massaging. Oil massages can be strong or mild, depending on your preference.

Bussaba Massage, Khao Lak, utilizes a variety of oils such as coconut, aloe vera, lavender and balsam. Bussaba, the owner of the massage parlour, makes the coconut oil herself. She gathers the coconuts from her property in Bang Niang, extracts the coconut by cracking the shells open, then liquefies the contents on a stove. After liquefaction she pours the oil into bottles, allows them to cool, then transfers them into the Bussaba Massage parlour where fortunate customers get to experience the freshness and delightful aroma of pure coconut oil. THERE ARE NO ADDITIVES WHATSOEVER!

Other massages specific to different parts of the body are also available. These include neck, shoulder and foot massages. You can also get scrumptious body scrubs and have your nails sparkling clean and shaped with a manicure and/or a pedicure.

Bussaba Massage, Khao Lak, has been certified by the Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA), which includes adherence to all Covid prevention requirements. So, not only will your body receive the treatment it deserves, but you can also be confident that the safety measures in place will ensure a protected environment for your enjoyment. We hope to see you soon! Visit the website here: Bussaba Massage Khao Lak Website.

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