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Khao Lak: Thailand’s Peaceful Haven

To the south-west of Thailand is a stretch of coast lined with stunning beaches, Khao Lak. It’s not only the beaches themselves that sets Khao Lak apart from other areas of Thailand, or in fact Asia, but its the imposed ban on high rise buildings and over development that makes this place special.

In this part of Thailand there is access to three of the most beautiful national parks in the country, plus over 20 kilometers of white sandy beaches. The fact that the area is not over developed, and therefore not crowded, is also another huge plus for many people.

Stunning Tropical Landscapes
The pristine beaches in the area of Khao Lak become even more beautiful when you view them tucked under the gaze of the mountainous backdrop. A jump from the Andaman Sea onto land in Phang Nga will allow you to explore the cascading waterfalls that flow from the limestone cliffs, nestled in the lush rainforest. Wildlife is in abundance, with numerous breeds of animals, birds, insects and also marine life in the sea. Its the perfect place for nature lovers to adventure into Thailand’s jungle.

Fascinating Underwater Vistas
There is much to be explored underwater from Khao Lak too. On the edge of the thriving Andaman Sea, Khao Lak is just over an hours journey from the Similan Islands. This pretty little archipelago is a snorkelling and diving paradise. From the sought after sight of a Nemo (Clown Fish), to the bigger stars – the Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, the Andaman is bustling with all kinds of sea life.

About Khao lak
Khao Lak was not long ago a simple local village on the coast of Thailand. Its proximity to the Similan and Surin National Parks is what has turned this quiet town into a tourism hub.
Its location, about an hour from awesome national parks, from the Simlans, from Phuket airport and from Krabi, makes Khao Lak an ideal resting point for visitors to the area who want time to both relax and explore. Couple with its amenities: bare beaches, wealth of restaurants, bars and resorts, Khao Lak is the best place for a holiday in Thailand.
Thai culture is also easy to access here too. Without overdevelopment Khao Lak still hold on to it’s local Thai charm. Nearby are a number of Temples you can visit, for learning more about Buddhism, and there are numerous markets on hand for viewing life in action for local people.

How to Get to Khao Lak

Flying to Khao Lak
The best way to get to Khao Lak is to fly in to either Krabi or Phuket airport. The latter is usually the most convenient, for distance and flight availability. Both airports can be accessed by international and domestic flights.
Phuket is about an hour and ten minutes from Bangkok, via plane, and Khao Lak is just over an hour’s drive from Phuket airport. You can transfer to your hotel with their transport service or by private taxi.

Getting the train to Khao Lak
There is no train station in Khao Lak, but you can travel to Surrathani by train and then take a bus or taxi from there. Trains arrive to Surrathani from the south of Thailand or from Bangkok.

Getting the bus to Khao Lak
Khao Lak is located on the main road between Phuket and Bangkok, so is easily accessible by bus from either direction. You can take an overnight VIP bus from Bangkok and can get off anywhere in Khao Lak.

Weather on the Andaman Coast
From November until April Khao Lak is in the dry season: a hot and dry time of year, usually with very little rain.
From May until October the area experiences the green season, a time when rain is in abundance and the vegetation thrives. Usually at this time of year the rain will start in the late afternoon for a few hours, so there is still time for relaxing in the sun at the start of the day.

When to Visit Khao Lak
During the months of the dry season is the best time to come to Khao Lak; around Christmas and New Year is the most popular time. From November (or even October) until April (or May) the place is alive with bars, restaurants and shops. In the green season some of these amenities close, but there is usually still plenty to choose from.

If you are interested in visiting the Similan or Surin Islands then you would need to visit sometime between 15th October and 15th May, when the National Parks are open.